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This region of south of France is quite unique, because it is one of the last spots that remains absolutely authentic - even in the summer. You will therefore  be able to enjoy magnificent landscapes and beautiful old villages, without the tourist crowds we know from other regions. We feel very privileged each time we are there...


  La Magnanerie  is located in Brouzet lès Quissac, close to the beautiful historical town of Sommières and the Cévennes hills, at the very heart of the Languedoc region.  The uniqueness of the location is the close proximity to Montpellier (40mn) and at the same time the  stunning nature and peacefulness of a little village surrounded by vineyards and  guarrigue. The house was formerly used for breeding silkworms, hence the name  Magnanerie and was renovated approx. 20 years ago and completely refurbished 10 years ago.

During the spring 2023, we did some major energetic improvements: new isolation of the house, new roof, new windows, replacement of the old heating system through a heat-pump and installation of 38 photovoltaic panels that cover almost entirely the houses' needs in electricity - a huge improvement to our carbon footprint.

The 3.5 ha grounds face the guarrigue - prestine mediterranean  nature until the eyes can see - it is this view and the size of the grounds that our guest appreciate so much - you will be able to disconnect completely and just relax...


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